27th- 30th September 2021, Online (CEST)



Welcome to the website of the SFB-GEM 2021 Meeting “Biophysics of Membranes and Beyond” organized jointly by the French Biophysical Society (SFB; https://www.sfbiophys.org/objectifs.html) and the GEM (Membrane Study Group; http://www.cbmn.u-bordeaux.fr/gem-membranes-accueil), a thematic group of SFB dedicated to the study of cellular membranes. 

General contact: sfbgem2021@gmail.com

This conference will take place online as videoconference from the 27th to the 30st of September 2021. All sessions start at Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Different topics listed below will be addressed in 9 sessions:

  • Session 1: Protein-Lipid Interaction and Membrane Remodeling
  • Session 2: Mechanobiology and Cell Motility
  • Session 3: Glycobiology, Sweets and Membranes
  • Session 4: Membrane Protein Structure and Dynamics
  • Session 5: New Technologies
  • Session 6: New Frontiers in Bioimaging
  • Session 7: Mass Spectrometry Approaches in Membrane Applications
  • Session 8: Disordered Protein Domains and liquid-liquid Phase Separation 
  • Session 9: Integrative Approaches in Molecular Modeling

Each session will include:

  • A plenary conference from an invited speaker, followed by a series of several short talks chosen from the abstracts
  • A poster session comprising short flash poster oral presentations (3 min) of all posters followed by breakout sessions in individual speaker rooms for Q&A

SFB and GEM will also each award prizes:

  • Young Investigator Award 2019 (SFB)
  • Best PhD thesis 2020 (GEM)
  • For the best posters (SFB, GEM)

Program at Central European Summer Time (CEST)


Sep 27, 2021


Sep 28, 2021


Sep 29, 2021


Sep 30, 2021

9h00-9h15 Welcome

 9h15-10h55: Session 1, part I

10h55-11h05: Short break

11h05-11h45: Talk «SFB Young Investigator Award»

11h50-12h30: Talk «GEM Best PhD Thesis Award»

 9h00-11h00: Session 2

11h00-11h10: Short break 

11h10-12h50: Session 3



9h00-10h40: Session 5 

10h40-10h50: Short break 

10h50-12h10: Session 6

9h00-9h15: MOSBRI Talk

9h20-10h20: Session 9, part I 

10h20-10h30: Short break

10h30-12h10: Session 9, part II

12h30-13h30 : Lunch

12h50-13h50 : Lunch

12h10-13h10 : Lunch

12h10-13h10 : Lunch

13h30-15h10: Session 1, part II

15h15- 16h15: Industrial Talks

 16h15-16h25: Short break

16h25-18h30: Flash poster session (1) + discussion in breakout rooms

 13h50-16h10: Session 4 

16h10-16h20: Short break 

16h20-18h30: Flash poster session (2) + discussion in breakout rooms

13h10-15h30: Session 7 

15h35-16h35: Session 8, part I

16h35-16h45: Short break

16h45-18h05: Session 8, part II

18h10: Virtual Social Event

13h10-15h50: Flash poster session (3) + discussion in breakout rooms


15h50-16h00: Short break

16h00-16h20: Best poster and talk prize attribution


16h25-17h30: SFB and GEM General Assembly (in parallel)  


Poster sessions are composed of a plenary session of flash posters – 3 min each, pre-recorded videos followed by individual breakout rooms for discussion.

Confirmed invited speakers

  • Session 1:  Karin Thevissen (KU Leuven, Belgium) and Rumiana Dimova (MPI, Germany)
  • Session 2:  Sandrine Etienne-Manneville (Pasteur, France)
  • Session 3:  Rabia Sadir (U. Grenoble, France)
  • Session 4:  Guido Pintacuda (U. Lyon, France)
  • Session 5:  Tilman E. Schäffer (U. Tübingen, Germany)
  • Session 6:  Aurélie Bertin (Curie, France)
  • Session 7:  Perdita Barran (U. Oxford, UK), Leonhard Urner (U. Oxford, UK)
  • Session 8:  Alf Honigmann (MPI, Germany) and Jeanne Stachowiak (U. of Texas, USA)
  • Session 9:  Jana Selent (Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) & Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Barcelona, Spain)

Conference presentations: talks and posters

If you want to present your work in form of a poster and/or talk, please send you abstract in pdf format according to the template available here abstract template before June 4th. To submit the abstract you have to connect with your own log in and password (right hand corner). The abstract for oral or poster can be download in "my space" and "submission".

The abstracts will be selected by the scientific committee for oral or poster presentations. The number of oral presentation will be limited.


Abstract submission

GEM and SFB awards and poster prizes

  • The 2020 Best GEM Thesis Prize (1500 €) has been awarded to Thibaud Dieudonné for his work on the Functional and structural characterization of two lipid flippases: the yeast Drs2p/Cdc50p and the disease-related human ATP8B1/CDC50A complexes". http://www.cbmn.u-bordeaux.fr/gem-membranes-accueil. He will present his work during the meeting.
  • The 2019 Young Investigator SFB Prize (1500 €) has been awarded to Alexandra Colin for her work regarding the role of cytoplasmic actin during cell division. This prize distinguishes a young researcher in biophysics at the beginning of his/her career (typically 1-2 years after PhD). For more information: https://www.sfbiophys.org/annonceprix.html
  • Two prizes will be awarded for the best posters for 250 € each (SFB / GEM).


  • SFB/GEM members: registration is free but mandatory, and your membership  to SFB / GEM must be up to date. Your abstract will be taken into account only if it is the case. If you need to update your membership, please go to the following website: https://www.sfbiophys.org/adhesion-online.html and/or contact Emmanuel Margeat: emmanuel.margeat@inserm.fr.
  • Non SFB/GEM members: you need to pay 50€ to participate in the meeting. Payment is done by credit card.
  • In all cases, registration is managed by the web site Azur-Colloque. Please be careful: it is absolutely imperative to go through the whole procedure in order to be correctly registered. It is not possible to come back later on the registration page in order to complete it.  So make sure that you have all information and a mean of payment before beginning your registration!


    Registration link: 


Abstract Deposition

The abstracts can be deposited once you are registed under the "DEPOSIT" tab. You need to create your own identification and password. Once inside your space you will be able to access and deposit the abstract. 

Important dates & deadlines

  • Submission of an abstract (talk and poster): June 18th
  • Registration deadline for presenters (poster/talk): June 18th
  • Registration deadline for non-presenters: August 30st

Sponsors - Live events and virtual booths

Sponsors offer live presentations, talks, discussions and virtual booths during the conference program. 

Please visit the event program and virtual booths of our sponsors.

Sponsors – Financial supports

We propose a sponsoring scheme described below:

  • Regular Sponsor: cost 250 €
  • Logo on the conference web site, on the conference flyer, in the abstract book and during the videoconference. 
  • Silver Sponsor: cost 500 €
  • Logo on the conference web site, on the conference flyer, in the abstract book and during the videoconference ;
  • Access to a virtual stand for demonstrations, presentations of materials …
  • Gold Sponsor: cost 1000 €
  • Logo on the conference web site, on the conference flyer, in the abstract book and during the videoconference ;
  • Access to a virtual stand for demonstrations, presentations of materials …
  • Opportunity to present the company profile and products in a short oral scientific presentation.

We wish to thank warmly following institutions and companies for their financial support.




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Organizing Committee

  • Isabel ALVES, CBMN, Bordeaux
  • Sarah CIANFERANI, IPHC, Strasbourg 
  • Christine GRAUBY-HEYWANG, LOMA, Bordeaux
  • Emmanuel MARGEAT, CBS, Montpellier
  • Isabelle MUS-VETEAU, IPMC, Nice
  • Véronique VIE, SPM, Rennes
  • Ludger JOHANNES, Curie, Paris
  • Burkhard BECHINGER, ICS, Strasbourg  
  • Gilmar SALGADO, ARNA, Bordeaux
  • Julien Marquevielle, ARNA, Bordeaux

Scientific Committees

GEM Scientific Committee:
Isabelle Mus-Veteau (president), Nice
Isabel Alves (secretary), Bordeaux
Véronique Vié (treasurer), Rennes
Marc Baaden, Paris
Burkhard Bechinger, Strasbourg
Arnaud Bondon, Rennes
Isabelle Broutin, Paris
Nienke Buddelmeijer, Paris
Jacqueline Cherfils, Paris
Nicolas Destainville, Toulouse
Guillaume Drin, Nice
Giovana Fragneto, Grenoble
Agnès Girard-Egrot, Lyon
Christine Heywang, Bordeaux
Paul-Alain Jaffres, Brest 
Ludger Johannes, Paris
Frank Lafont, Lille
Guillaume Lenoir, Paris
Jean-Philippe Michel, Chatenay-Malabry
Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet, Montpellier
Luca Monticelli, Lyon
Christophe Moreau, Grenoble
Marie-Pierre Rols, Toulouse
Olivier Seksek, Paris
Dror Warchawski, Paris
SFB Scientific Committee:
Eric Ennifar (president) Strasbourg
Coralie Bompard (secretary) Villeneuse d’Ascq
Emmanuel Margeat (treasurer) Montpellier
Isabel Alves, Bordeaux
Valérie Biou, Paris
Dominique Bourgeois, Grenoble
Matthieu Chavent, Toulouse
Sarah Cianferani, Strasbourg
Yves Nominé, Strasbourg
Jean-Paul Renaud, Ostwald
Carine Tisné, Paris
Jacqueline Cherfils, Paris




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